Comment policy

I enjoy getting feedback from my readers.  I enjoy having a civil discussion on topics.  I do, however, have some guidelines for comments.
  • No spam. All spam will be deleted.
  • Links in comments are allowed as long as they are relevant to the topic.
  • No name-calling.  Attack ideas not people.  If you disagree with someone, then it is fine to say so.  It is not alright to personally insult others. 
  • Please try to stay on-topic!
  • Be respectful of others. 

I do not, at this time, moderate comments before they are posted on current posts.  Comments on older posts will be moderated to avoid spammers dropping them there without me noticing.  I reserve the right to change this policy and go to moderated comments. 

Additionally, I reserve the right to remove any comments I wish for any reason whatsoever because this is my blog.  If you dislike this policy, then don't comment here.

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