Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Beyond Meat Chicken Strips

A while back, I posted about Arooga's sports bars offering meatless chicken strips on their menu. I also mentioned that their menu stated they were made by Beyond Meat.

So! Armed with this information, I decided to see if I could find Beyond Meat's Beyond Chicken Strips in a store so I could make them at home.

The Beyond Meat website has a product locator so I used that to find a store that sold them near me. Well, sort of near me.  I had to drive a bit to find them.

I found them on sale so I bought quite a few bags.  Then I decided I really wanted the Arooga's experience so I set out to buy some of their wing sauce. Their website mentioned we could purchase sauces at their restaurant so I stopped at the nearest Arooga's next time I was in the area and bought a bottle.  (I also found out later that their sauces were also sold at Karns grocery stores and that works better for me.)

I pan-fried the strips and doused them in the wing sauce and found that I had the same experience I did at the restaurant!  Success!

The Super Bowl comes up in a few weeks and we usually serve buffalo wings.  Now I can have something similar to eat, too!

The nice part about this product is that I can do even more with them than I thought!  There are recipes on the website for chicken salads and chicken soups for starters.  I'll let you all know if I try something I especially like.

What's your favorite chicken recipe? Could you make it vegan using this product?

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