Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Veggie Bubba Burger

As we were passing the freezer section of a local grocery store, my boyfriend (who I call K), noticed that there were Veggie Bubba burgers in with the usual meat Bubba burgers.

I was intrigued!

I glanced over the ingredients and recognized that they are vegan so I popped them into our cart.

I finally got around to trying them yesterday and I was so surprised how much I liked them!

See, they are a black bean-based burger rather than a meat-substitute type burger and I have had bad experiences with them before.  They tend to be mushy and sort of disgusting.

But - I followed the instructions on the box and pan fried one and it was delicious. I made it a little crispy on the outside which helped distract from the mushier inside.  There are pieces of corn and peas and even carrots in the burger that helped a lot, as well.

I had mine with a bit of my own vegan horsey sauce I had in the fridge - because horseradish! - but I think it would be good with a variety of toppings.

I highly recommend these and I'm sort-of tickled that a burger company known for its meaty burgers thought to create a vegan alternative.  I'll be writing them and thanking them!

Update:  I used the contact form on the Bubba foods website to thank them for making a vegan burger that is so delicious.  I received a kind response and request to give them my mailing address so they can send me some coupons!  So nice!

I apologize for the lousy picture.  I didn't notice the shadow when I took it.

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