Friday, December 30, 2016

Red Robin - Harrisburg

K and I decided to visit Red Robin this past weekend.

I knew they had a vegan veggie burger (they use the original Boca burger) so I knew there would be something I could eat.  While the Boca burger is not my favorite, I figured if I topped it with the right items, it would taste alright.

But let's back up to the appetizers. PETA has a page about eating vegan at Red Robin, so I took a look to see what appetizers are vegan.  Of the three items they list, only one of them is currently on the menu at my local Red Robin. Luckily, it was the one I was most happy about: the Guac, Salsa and Chips.*  I love the chips and guacamole but I'm so-so on the salsa as it isn't a fresh salsa - but this is a burger joint so I'll excuse them.

Moving on to the veggie burger.  I decided to go with the Garden Burger which is on a whole wheat bun with Dijon mustard, tomato and lettuce. I ordered the bottomless fries to go with it but I rarely, if ever, order a second helping of fries.

My Boca burger was a little hard around the edges and I figured out why after the fact after looking around the internet.  Red Robin microwaves them.  I've had this experience at home so I should have recognized the issue.  Still, it was alright.  I think next time I'll try some different toppings. I think something a bit more sauce-like would work better but I'm not sure they have anything like that but perhaps I can improvise with some ketchup and vegan mayo - which I might just happen to carry in my purse.

All in all, my experience was alright.  Our waitress was great -and really helpful when it came to aiding me in figuring out what I could eat.

Image by Mike Mozart and obtained here

*Note: Vegan purists will point out that the tortilla chips (and fries, for that matter) are all fried in the same oil with everything else so they will not consider them vegan.  I am less concerned with trace amounts of animal products but it's entirely up to the individual.  Some vegans would not consume fried foods at this restaurant for that reason. I actually came across a blog where a vegan mentioned that she wouldn't eat the fries at Red Robin - but I found it amusing that she listed soft drinks as vegan when not all of them are!  I'll have to make a post about soda pop one of these days...

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