Monday, December 19, 2016

Which Brands Cut the Mustard?

Becoming vegan means that you have to reconsider products that you have always used.  It isn't enough to stop eating meat and dairy products.  You have to reexamine everything!

The above are the different types of mustard currently in my refrigerator. Okay, to be completely honest, there is an additional Dijon mustard in my pantry, as well - but it is unopened.

I really, REALLY, like mustard.

So, I examined the ingredients.  Both the Colman's Mustard and Gulden's Spicy Brown Mustard are obviously vegan as is the store brand Dijon mustard in my pantry.  The other three are questionable because they contain "natural flavor".

The term "natural flavor" has become the bane of my existence.  Okay, that is a bit harsh but it really makes things so much more difficult.  Why? Because natural flavors could be from plant OR animal products and I can't tell which.  Unless a company goes out of its way to label a product vegan, it can be difficult to tell.

But I digress.  I went to the internet and looked through PETA's Accidentally Vegan and the Vegan Product Guide to find out. I tried a Google search, just in case I could find information elsewhere. Sadly, I was unable to discover any more information on them so I will have to contact the manufacturers.

At least I know I have 3 different options out of the 6 I now own until I'm able to gain any further knowledge.

[Update (12/19 1:32 pm):  I've heard from Plochman's and their mustard is vegan!  Good to know!]

[2nd Update (12/20) A friendly gentleman from French's called me - instead of emailing which gives them extra points from me - to tell me that all their mustard types are vegan with the exception of the honey mustard and honey Dijon which contain honey.  Of course, if you eat honey, those would be fine for you, as well. ]

[Final Update (12/21) I received a response from Kraft Foods, which makes Grey Poupon. The pertinent part reads,
"I apologize but unfortunately this ingredient information is not currently available.
As you can imagine our products change frequently, and maintaining a list of products for specific dietary practices would be virtually impossible."
Well, I didn't ask about ALL of their products.  I just asked about a particular brand, Grey Poupon. Still, I guess they are large enough that they simply don't worry if they lose vegans and vegetarians as customers.  Their loss.]

What's your favorite mustard?

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