Saturday, December 3, 2016

Creamy Dairy Free Potato Soup With Kale

When the weather turns cold, I start to think of soups and stews.  Since becoming vegan, I've had to rethink the types of soups I make. Chicken noodle is bland if you make it without meat and use vegetable broth. Chili, on the other hand, turns out just fine without the meat!  You just have to experiment.

Of course, there are tons of recipes available online, as well, and that's where I found today's dish.

Today's recipe is a delicious soup I discovered that my meat-eating boyfriend also enjoys!  Bonus:  It's vegan!  I'll bet you guessed that...

I found the recipe at Veggie Inspired.  Click here for the soup recipe.

I do not own an immersion blender so I had to remove some of the soup from the pot and put it in my blender to pulverize. Worse, my new Ninja blender does not recommend that you use it for hot food so I had to wait for the soup to cool prior to blending.  I just reheated it a bit after blending so it was all good.  Still, it would be nice to have an immersion blender for this sort of thing. (Hint-hint.  Hope Santa is paying attention!)

The picture shows what mine looked like just prior to eating.   It wasn't around long!  Next time I think I'll double the recipe so I have more leftovers!

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