Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Say Cheese!

I used to say that the main reason I could never become vegan was my love of cheese.  I honestly still miss it some days, but it is easier to manage now that I've discovered some decent vegan cheeses.

My first experience with vegan cheese was the Go Veggie! line of sliced cheeses. Actually, I should clarify that I didn't realize that there was a vegan line that was separate from their simply dairy-free line so I'm honestly not sure which I actually ate.  I did manage to eat the slices - buried in a salad sandwich - but I was not at all excited by them.

Next time I went to the store, I noticed Chao Slices. *insert the sound of a heavenly choir singing* My, my!  What a difference!  I can eat it plain and enjoy it!  My meat-eating boyfriend ate some not realizing that it was vegan and was utterly floored that it wasn't a dairy cheese.  It is divine, people. No lie.

I decided to try to find a shredded product for pizza.  Now, I do eat pizza sans cheese and it is alright but I have to admit that I miss the cheese sometimes and would like to have an option.  I recalled my experience with the Go Veggie brand so I decided to look for something else.  Unfortunately, my local store only sold the Go Veggie shreds.  I was aware that people in my vegan Facebook group had mentioned Daiya cheese so I set out to find it.  It is not sold in the small city 8 miles south of me but it is sold just over the county line in a store about 30 minutes from my house.

I'm so glad I made the trip. It is fantastic.  I like it on pizza, melted on potatoes, etc.  It is wonderful.

So!  There you have it!  These are my favorite vegan cheeses.  I'm limited by my location and what is available around here but I'm happy that I have these cheese-substitutes to eat.

What are your favorites?

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